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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# @Author: oesteban
# @Date:   2015-11-19 16:44:27
# @Last Modified by:   oesteban
# @Last Modified time: 2017-03-08 13:52:24

Data handler module

Reads in and writes CSV files with the IQMs

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from builtins import str

from mriqc import logging
from mriqc.utils.misc import BIDS_COMP
LOG = logging.getLogger('mriqc.classifier')

[docs]def read_iqms(feat_file): """ Reads in the features """ bids_comps = list(BIDS_COMP.keys()) x_df = pd.read_csv(feat_file, index_col=False, dtype={col: str for col in bids_comps}) # Find present bids bits and sort by them bids_comps_present = list(set(x_df.columns.ravel().tolist()) & set(bids_comps)) x_df = x_df.sort_values(by=bids_comps_present) # Remove sub- prefix in subject_id x_df.subject_id = x_df.subject_id.str.lstrip('sub-') # Remove columns that are not IQMs feat_names = list(x_df._get_numeric_data().columns.ravel()) for col in bids_comps: try: feat_names.remove(col) except ValueError: pass for col in feat_names: if col.startswith(('size_', 'spacing_', 'Unnamed')): feat_names.remove(col) return x_df, feat_names, bids_comps_present
[docs]def read_labels(label_file, rate_label='rate', binarize=True): """ Reads in the labels """ # Massage labels table to have the appropriate format bids_comps = list(BIDS_COMP.keys()) y_df = pd.read_csv(label_file, index_col=False, dtype={col: str for col in bids_comps}) # Find present bids bits and sort by them bids_comps_present = list(set(y_df.columns.ravel().tolist()) & set(bids_comps)) y_df = y_df.sort_values(by=bids_comps_present) y_df.subject_id = y_df.subject_id.str.lstrip('sub-') # Convert string labels to ints try: y_df.loc[y_df[rate_label].str.contains('fail', case=False, na=False), rate_label] = -1 y_df.loc[y_df[rate_label].str.contains('exclude', case=False, na=False), rate_label] = -1 y_df.loc[y_df[rate_label].str.contains('maybe', case=False, na=False), rate_label] = 0 y_df.loc[y_df[rate_label].str.contains('may be', case=False, na=False), rate_label] = 0 y_df.loc[y_df[rate_label].str.contains('ok', case=False, na=False), rate_label] = 1 y_df.loc[y_df[rate_label].str.contains('good', case=False, na=False), rate_label] = 1 except AttributeError: pass y_df[[rate_label]] = y_df[[rate_label]].apply(pd.to_numeric, errors='raise') if binarize: y_df.loc[y_df[rate_label] >= 0, rate_label] = 0 y_df.loc[y_df[rate_label] < 0, rate_label] = 1 return y_df[bids_comps_present + ['site', rate_label]]
[docs]def read_dataset(feat_file, label_file, rate_label='rate', merged_name=None, binarize=True): """ Reads in the features and labels """ x_df, feat_names, _ = read_iqms(feat_file) y_df = read_labels(label_file, rate_label, binarize) # Remove failed cases from Y, append new columns to X y_df = y_df[y_df['subject_id'].isin(list(x_df.subject_id.values.ravel()))] # Merge Y dataframe into X x_df = pd.merge(x_df, y_df, on='subject_id', how='left') if merged_name is not None: x_df.to_csv(merged_name, index=False) # Drop samples with invalid rating nan_labels = x_df[x_df[rate_label].isnull()].index.ravel().tolist() if nan_labels:'Dropping %d samples for having non-numerical ' 'labels', len(nan_labels)) x_df = x_df.drop(nan_labels) # Print out some info nsamples = len(x_df)'Created dataset X="%s", Y="%s" (N=%d valid samples)', feat_file, label_file, nsamples) nfails = int(x_df[rate_label].sum())'Ratings distribution: "fail"=%d / "ok"=%d (%f%% failed)', nfails, nsamples - nfails, nfails * 100 / nsamples) return x_df, feat_names
[docs]def zscore_dataset(dataframe, excl_columns=None, by='site', njobs=-1): """ Returns a dataset zscored by the column given as argument """ from multiprocessing import Pool, cpu_count'z-scoring dataset ...') if njobs <= 0: njobs = cpu_count() sites = list(set(dataframe[[by]].values.ravel().tolist())) columns = list(dataframe._get_numeric_data().columns.ravel()) if excl_columns is None: excl_columns = [] for col in columns: if not np.isfinite(np.sum(dataframe[[col]].values.ravel())): excl_columns.append(col) if excl_columns: for col in excl_columns: try: columns.remove(col) except ValueError: pass zs_df = dataframe.copy() pool = Pool(njobs) args = [(zs_df, columns, s) for s in sites] results =, args) for site, res in zip(sites, results): zs_df.loc[ == site, columns] = res zs_df.replace([np.inf, -np.inf], np.nan) nan_columns = zs_df.columns[zs_df.isnull().any()].tolist() if nan_columns: LOG.warn('Columns %s contain NaNs after z-scoring.', ", ".join(nan_columns)) zs_df[nan_columns] = dataframe[nan_columns].values return zs_df
[docs]def zscore_site(args): """ z-scores only one site """ from scipy.stats import zscore dataframe, columns, site = args return zscore(dataframe.loc[ == site, columns].values, ddof=1, axis=0)