Data handler module

Reads in and writes CSV files with the IQMs., site_column='site', rate_label='rater_1')[source], rating_label='rater_1')[source][source]

Returns columns corresponding to BIDS bits, label='site')[source]

Generate the index of sites, label_file, merged_name=None, binarize=True, site_name=None, rate_label='rater_1', rate_selection='random')[source]

Reads in the features and labels[source]

Reads in the features, rate_label='rater_1', binarize=True, site_name=None, rate_selection='random', collapse=True)[source]

Reads in the labels. Massage labels table to have the appropriate format, excl_columns=None, by='site', njobs=- 1)[source]

Returns a dataset z-scored by the by keyword argument column.[source]

z-scores only one site