Group reports

Once a sample has been processed with the appropriate workflow, all the IQMs written out in JSON files are collected in a CSV table, at the standard path of <output-dir>/<modality>.csv. Therefore, for structural images, the IQMs will be found in <output-dir>/T1w.csv. Correspondingly, <output-dir>/bold.csv is the designated path for the functional IQM table.

The group report will process the <output-dir>/<modality>.csv table to generate one strip-plot per IQM:

appearance of the group reports

The strip-plots are interactive, so each sample (the value of a specific IQM associated to an input image) can be clicked to open up the corresponding individual report. This is particularly useful when trying to identify subpar images that show themselves as outliers in the general distribution of the IQM:

clicking on an outlier

In this example, the corresponding individual report for the selected sample will open up (click here to see this example report).

The boxplots shown are Tukey boxplots, with median and interquartile range shown. Whiskers extend to the farthest point that is within 1.5 * IQR of the upper (or lower) quartile.